Frequently asked questions

What is your tribute?
It depends on the city we meet, practices included in the session and other factors. Tribute will be given to you after your introduction. My rates are at the high end of the bdsm market. If you are looking for a low budget session, please contact someone else.

Why your tribute is higher than local dommes?

As a travelling mistress, I have a lot more expenses than local ones- airline tickets, taxi, hotel/apartment, extensive advertising, eating out every day etc.

How old are you?
Mid 30’s. Who really cares as long as a woman looks hot!

-When will you be in …?

As soon as I have my travel plans, they are posted on the main page of my website. If you don’t see your city posted, it means I don’t have plans yes, so please refrain from asking this question.

-Where are you from?

I have mixed roots. I will let you guess it when we meet:)

-Why do you ask for a deposit and what are the rules?

Most established mistresses nowadays ask for a deposit. It became a normal practice and many slaves are already accustomed to it.

Being a travelling mistress, I spend in each city only short period of time. There are always alot of session inquires but many of them are from time wasters who book a session and dont show up/cancel last minute. This causes inconvenience and financial loss- I prepare thoroughly for each session and say no to other slaves. I often book up with deposits in advance so paying a deposit is strongly recommended but if for any reason you are not willing to do it, you can try your luck and contact me on the day of session 1 hour in advance. Note, that I will only see you if I’m at my location at the moment and don’t have any plans. If I’m out, I will not run back home since I can’t be sure that you show up. For certain countries (for example, India, Qataratar) deposit is mandatory.

-Can I bring you Iphone, Gucci bag, 3 expensive parfumes instead of cash?
No way, I will not accept any sort of barter.

-How should I call you?

Goddess, Empress, Boss. Mistress is ok too but its so trivial:)

-Are you really dominant or its just an act?
Yes, I am a truly dominant person and this career is a natural choice for me.

-Are you looking for a personal slave or relationship?
99.9% of such inquires are from men who simply don’t want to pay for sessions.
To be considered for a personal position, first of all you have to become my regular client which means having not just a few sessions! Also it has to be that special connection between us and total devotion from you. If you are married, obviously its not possible.

-I saw photos with slaves on your site/ Twitter. Will you take photos of me? Only if you agree. I will never do it without your permission. You can wear a mask.

-What will happen during session?
Review Sessions page for information what kind of play I offer and let me know your fetishes, desires and limits. The more details you give me, the better I can plot scenario. If you are a novice and not sure what you want, tell me at least your limits. We will try different things and discover your kinks together.

-Do you use safe words during session?
Yes, yellow means slow down, red-stop, green-go on.

-I’m not comfortable to pay on your site for discretion and other reasons.

Your personal information isn’t disclosed to me or any 3rd party and is only used for billing. I can only see your email and paid ammount. The payment is one-time and there are no recurring payments. All payments are handled by payment processor Centrobill Limited Website: centrobill.com. Your Credit Card statement will appear as: centrobill.com or Centrobill. If you are still worried, you can pay by Bitcoin or contact me for other payment options. No Western Union or bank transfers! I will not disclose my name to strangers.

-Can I take a shower at your place?
A quick shower is fine.  Please keep in mind if you spend 15-20 mins in the bathroom, session time will be reduced.

-Can I bring you a gift?

Though I don’t expect any tips of gifts, of course they will be appreciated. You may bring flowers, sweets, chocolate, stockings (I’m 175 cm tall), shoes size 39, jewelry, cosmetics. Absolutely no alcohol, I don’t drink.

-Can you message me when you arrived?

I can’t remember remind everyone who messaged me. Create a reminder in your phone calendar so it will buzz you at the given day and time.