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Just a slut for black cocks

Your name is Suzy and you are a hungry slut who loves to be taken with cocks. I’m teaching you how properly pleasure my and my boyfriends cocks. I’m jerking my beautiful black dick and telling you in details what I make you do while you are kneeling in front of it. You are fucked in your 2 holes by my strapon and my boyfriends cock. You are nothing but a humiliated faggot, bitch, slut and you loving it.

Lick my pink shoes and feet

Video from a session in Doha. I’m holding the dog on the leash. He has a honor to lick my shoes, suck heels, smell aroma of my feet, caress them with tongue, suck my long sexy toes, get spit and slaps.

Your mouth and assbelong to me

<span;>Video of a session in Doha.  After I beat him hard and used needles on his cock (you can see this in other videos) I use my strapon on his mouth and ass. I’m fu☆cking him in different positions, sit on his face and at the end milk him directly into his sluts mouth.

Full toilet training for an American

Video of session in Doha. This American slave tried before many things but not scat. He was very excited to do it for the 1st time.  He drunk my pee and then I shat in his hungry mouth. I made him chew my shit and stuffed it in his mouth with my foot.

Kiss my pantyhose ass and bare feet!

Im wearing black thin leggins, footless tights for you to admire and worship my ass in pantyhose and bare feet. You love to feel nylons on your face and body. I want your face under my ass, you love facesitting in pantyhose, don’t you. Sniff my ass while I suffocate you, I love to see you suffering under my ass. Inhale my sweaty feet. Jerk off and imagine cumming on my ass and soles.

Cuckold bridegroom

Tomorrow is our wedding day, my dear little cucky. I’ve shown pictures of some of my lovers but I haven’t shown the most important one. He is a black guy with a monster 30 cm (12″) cock. I even made a copy of it, and today we have a repetition of the wedding night so you don’t get ashamed yourself and everything goes smouth. I am teaching you how to be a good cuckold bitch and please my lovers big black cock. I humiliate you and your worthless 5 cm dicklet, instruct you to jerk off thinking about that big black cock inside of my pussy and eat your cum.

Slave for my red boots

I love to seduce men with my gorgeous red boots. You love to be made to worship sexy high thigh vinyl boots, don’t you? I’m wearing a tight black skirt, red corset together with the boots. I’m telling you how to clean them properly, humiliate you, make you absolutely crazy for them, tell you how nice it feels to stick your cock between them, at the end I count from 10 till 1, instruct you to cum on the boots and clean your mess.

Jerk off instructions - lets jerk together!

You are a jerk off addict, you do it daily, maybe a few times a day and you love to watch a beautiful woman like me instructing you how to do it. Open your pants, get it out, watch how I’m stroking the dildo and repeat after me! I love to tell you what to do with your hard dick. I’m teasing you with my legs in crotchless tights and a short pleaded skirt. Kiss my thighs while you jerk. Imagine licking my pussy and my lips around your cock, you will never have it! At the end I give you a count down, Im sure you will have a big load.

You are only my spit bitch!

You love to get humiliated by spit, don’t you, dirty slave? You will see me spitting while I humiliate you and tell in details what to do with my spit and how it makes you feel. I want to see how you swallow every drop, coming to your mouth. I spit on the plate and smudging it over your pigs face, it’s totally covered in saliva, loser.

Stepson is caught with stealing the fishnets

Stepmom caught her stepson while he was jerking off looking at her pictures on his computer.
She sees his incredibly small cock and makes him to jerk off in front of her for entertainment, blackmailing him that otherwise she will tell his dad that he jerks off to her pictures and also his girlfriend and everyone in the school about his small dick. She makes him get on his knees and jerk off with 2 fingers his little dick that is as thin as a pencil. Stepmom teases him her breasts, ass and feet while he wanks his little wee-wee. At the end she makes him to lick cum off his 2 fingers.

Eat my chocolate!

Are you into most kinky and humiliating
domination that exist? Do you fantasize about eating woman’s chocolate? Great! I want to use you as my toilet, I will do in your mouth, face and body. In this clip you will see how I produce it and then hold it in my hand and tell you in details how I make you enjoy it and swallow everything.


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